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Workspace ONE Fundamentals

Hello again after a long break. In this break, I’ve tried to improve myself on Workspace ONE, and I’m still improving. In this article, I aimed to provide an overview of Workspace ONE fundamentals. Let’s start exploring Workspace ONE.

Workspace ONE Overview

Workspace ONE is a digital workspace platform that delivers and manages any app on any device by integrating access control,application management and multi-platform endpoint management.

Workspace ONE is built on the VMware Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management technology and integrates with virtual application delivery (VMware Horizon) on a common identity framework. With Workspace ONE, organizations can enabling all employees, devices and things across the organization.

It provides single sign-on access to the cloud, mobile, web and Windows apps in one unified catalog and includes powerfully integrated email, calendar, file, and social collaboration tools.

Workspace ONE automates traditional onboarding and laptop and mobile device configuration and delivers real-time application lifecycle management.

Workspace ONE Features

As IT professionals, you want to know about the features absolutely. In this section I’ll summarize the key features of Workspace ONE and outlined a few key examples/use cases of when you would use each one.

Consumer-simple access to cloud, web, mobile, Windows and Mac Apps

Workspace ONE simplifies application and access management by offering single sign-on (SSO) capabilities and support for multi-factor authentication.

Once authenticated through the VMware Workspace ONE app, end users will instantly access their personalized enterprise app catalog where they can subscribe to virtually any published app, VDI Desktop, Web/SaaS.

Choice to use any device; BYOD or Corporate Owned

Workspace ONE doesn’t dictate which platforms to deploy in your environment. The goal is to ensure that the architecture you are deploying today works seamlessly with future devices. We also know that some of these devices may be corporate-owned and require IT to configure and manage them through their lifecycle, many will be owned by the employees themselves.  With VMware Workspace ONE, employees can choose the convenience, access, security and management level appropriate for their working style.

  • Workspace ONE supports desktops OSs, mobile OS, smartphones. That means you don’t have to worry about the next big mobile device that comes out.
  • Bring-your-own, Choose-your-own, Corporate Owned, Locked Down, etc…there are so many device management types. Workspace ONE supports them all in a single platform.
  • Adaptive management makes the workflow of end-user logging in on a BYO device super simple. Just launch the workspace ONE app. If the end-user tries to access an app with confidential data, they will be walked through the step.

Secure Productivity Apps: Mail, Calendar, Docs and Social

Workspace ONE includes email, calendar, contacts, documents, and chat that employees want to use while invisible security measures protect the organization from data leakage by restricting how attachments and files can be edited and shared.

Data Security and Endpoint Compliance with Conditional Access

To protect the most sensitive information, Workspace ONE combines identity and device management to enforce access decisions based on a range of conditions from strength of authentication, network, location, and device compliance.

Workspace ONE provides options for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and multifactor authentication (MFA) technology to ensure that enterprise information is protected on mobile platforms. When additional means of authentication are required, you can also easily implement a secure and easy-to-use solution.

Real-time App Delivery and Automation

Workspace ONE enables IT professionals, to automate application distribution and updates on the fly with support of Workspace ONE UEM and Horizon virtualization technology. Whether you’re deploying Windows apps, mobile apps, or even virtualized applications, Workspace ONE automate the application delivery process to enable better security and compliance. This means that when you need to deploy Windows apps to Windows 10 devices in your organization or up-to-date virtualized apps to mobile devices, Workspace ONE provides to you a single platform.

Simplified management and provisioning of devices enable Workspace ONE to eliminate the need for laptop imaging. With dynamic smart groups, which uses device information and user attributes, you can ensure always have the necessary configuration on their devices, including Wi-Fi and VPN.

You can automatically install, update and remove software packages. Create an automated workflow for software, applications, files, scripts, and commands to install on laptops, and configure installation during enrollment or on-demand.

Also, users can access their Horizon virtual apps and desktops from the Workspace ONE.

Seamless Access to Apps

With Workspace ONE One-Touch Mobile SSO feature allows the use of capabilities, such as Apple Touch ID on an iPhone, fingerprint readers on Android devices, and Microsoft Windows Hello on a Surface Pro. This provides a password-free and secure way to access all the applications needed by end-users. Making end-user access to applications seamless will also make it easier for employees to adopt these applications.

Why Workspace ONE?

Having read through an overview of Workspace ONE, hope you now have a good idea of what it can do. Workspace ONE integrates access control, application management, and multi-platform endpoint management, giving you a wide solution that supports the breadth of devices, apps, and workstyles that are prevalent in enterprise organizations. I recommend you to take a look at how Workspace ONE can you help your existing or new digital workspaces.

I hope it’s a useful article. You can follow my future posts to get detailed information about Workspace ONE. You can contact me for any questions, comments and suggestions or you can comment below. 🙂

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